The Dainty Spada Necklace/Choker 9EEB8C4A-9A09-4AA4-AF4F-82DDBA61414B.JPG

The Dainty Spada Necklace/Choker

from 25.00
95E0A7E1-9FF8-42C9-A7CD-D6ED886E1235.JPG 1C7D1ACA-5BA3-4700-9F04-4A8AA52C1970.JPG

The Thick Spada Chain

The GangGang Gold Choker IMG_2663.JPG

The GangGang Gold Choker

from 35.00
The Simple Safety Pin Necklace 7CD56818-9A53-4EF4-A181-75E720E807FB.JPG

The Simple Safety Pin Necklace

Baby Satan Necklace-Product Shots.jpg DC74F4D5-9066-4E5B-889D-8ED51EF5EC44.JPG

The Baby Satan Necklace

from 23.00
Thick Spiga-Product Shot.jpg B9FB8F40-C130-4C1C-8B76-FCE11574A829.JPG

The Thick Spiga Necklace

from 28.00
350DBC60-FDE5-4491-8EFF-77FEF8277AB1.JPG 84A081A2-32C9-48A5-82F0-2C54FD8436CD.JPG

The GangGang Chain

from 30.00
Dainty PlayBoy Bunny Choker-Product Shot.jpg Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.57.34 AM.png

The Dainty PlayBoy Bunny Necklace/Choker

The Gothic Skull Necklace IMG_1243.JPG

The Gothic Skull Necklace

The Flat Curb Choker IMG_0784.JPG

The Flat Curb Choker

The Drop Dagger Choker

The Drop Dagger Choker

shopdalmata_03.jpg Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.57.34 AM.png

The PlayBoy Bunny Choker

from 25.00